Here in Madison Wisconsin, we are used to freezing cold winters and humid summers. Madison Wisconsin homeowners need Solid Core Composite Frame Triple Pane Windows to keep their home comfortable during the extreme Wisconsin weather conditions. Last winter’s deep freeze was record-breaking in the wrong way. Summers can be insufferable as well, with heat and humidity. These are the reasons why Madison Wisconsin homeowners need solid core composite frame triple-pane windows.

Solid core composite frame triple-pane windows are made with energy-efficient and durable composite material. It is 400% stronger and insulates 214% better than any vinyl replacement window on the market. Solid core triple-pane windows feature two low-E glass specialty coatings and two chambers of proprietary blend gas, a mix of gases including krypton and argon. This drastically reduces heat transfer inside in winter and outside of a home in summer. As a result, composite framed windows are ranked as “the most efficient” replacement windows by ENERGY STAR. To be labeled ENERGY STAR, replacement windows need to meet strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fenestration Rating Council Plus.

On top of those amazing ratings, solid core composite frame triple-pane windows require virtually no maintenance. The combination of durability, energy savings, and beauty means that there is no better value in the window industry than our solid core composite frame triple-pane windows.