Let’s explore the many different options for your replacement windows customizations. This list contains just a few to get you started!

Interior Replacement Windows

With the Wisconsin weather so unpredictable during winter, it’s good to have low-maintenance materials to handle it. AHT Wisconsin Windows offers interior options that come in solid white, and three wood laminate colors: Winchester, Melrose Cherry, and Dark Oak. These options go with any interior decor for Madison, WI homeowners!madison replacement window companies

Exterior Replacement Windows

Exterior replacement windows are important because it is the first impression that visitors have when they visit your home in Madison, WI. AHT Wisconsin Windows offers environmentally safe and durable exterior replacement windows. Some of the color options include: madison replacement window companies

Hardware for Replacement Windows

No matter how beautiful your replacement windows are, they can be hard to love when they are missing the hardware that keeps them functioning properly. Here are some options to choose from:replacement window companies

Grids for Replacement Windows

Grids are the decorative pattern inside the windows and are made with aluminum bars and sealed between three panes of glass. Here are 4 different options offered at AHT Wisconsin Windows: madison replacement window companies

Different grid patterns are also available: replacement window companies

Specialty Glass for Replacement Windows

AHT Wisconsin Windows offer different types of textured glass options to be used in bathrooms or office spaces. These specialty glasses allow homeowners in Madison, WI to retain privacy while still enjoying natural sunlight.madison replacement window companies

Window Screens

During the humid summer months of Wisconsin, window screens come in handy to keep pests such as mosquitos out yet still give a beautiful view of the neighborhood. With the option to upgrade to ThruVision Plus through AHT Wisconsin Windows, you can truly see the difference between the average window screen versus the ThruVision Plus screen! Here is a side-by-side comparison:

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AHT Wisconsin Windows has many options to choose from for any homeowner in Madison, WI. Invest in better quality materials and an even better lifestyle by going with replacement windows customizations. Call 888-874-9339 for a free in-home consultation.