A complaint that replacement window companies have received often over the years is that ALL homeowners need to be present for in-home estimates.  Trust us, we understand why this is frustrating and why it stirs up emotions for some homeowners but here is why all reputable and honest replacement window companies require this.

  1. There are a TON of details:  There are over 50 different variations of windows after going through all the upgrade options and some of the upgrade options are not as easy to choose as the hardware color!  Going over these options with all homeowners saves the homeowner and the window company time from having to re-explain the different options.  
  2. Custom-made and an expensive investment:  We get that some partners, that both own the home, have a very trusting relationship when it comes to making decisions requiring a large investment.  But how would the replacement window company know this?  Most high-quality window companies install custom-made to-order windows which means they are not returnable/refundable and cannot be installed in another homeowner’s home. So if one homeowner happens to order the wrong windows, the order cannot be canceled which could lead to the other homeowner being very unhappy on the day of install…..
  3. You might find that the appointment is more effective with your partner:  Having all homeowners take part in the appointment process gives the homeowners the chance to collaborate on the project to ensure that all the right questions are asked.  It’s like the old saying “no stone left unturned” it’s easier to turn over all the stones with more “stone turners” present!

We hope these three points on why both (all) homeowners need to be present for an in-home estimate with Madison window companies have helped you to better understand that the companies intentions are not to make your life difficult or to offend you.  Having all homeowners present for the estimate benefits the window company AND the homeowners.  If you are in need of a replacement window company in Madison, WI, or the surrounding areas, call 888-874-9339.