If you have ever had a replacement window company come to your home for a free estimate, then you know that there is a ton of information that can be thrown at you in that short 1 to 2-hour appointment.  One thing a lot of first-time replacement window buyers are unaware of, that could help you understand a little more about the installation process of the replacement windows, is that there are different types of replacement window installations, pocket install, and full-frame install.

Replacement Window Pocket Installation

A pocket install is a process of installing a replacement window into the existing window frame.  This is the ideal option for these kinds of homes:

  • New homes
  • Old homes in good condition
  • Historical homes being restored

The existing frame needs to be level and to have no rot or water damage in order for this installation method to be efficient.

Pros and cons of Pocket Install

Pros Cons
More cost-efficient – fewer supplies and man-hours are used for the install Smaller view
Quicker install Fewer options
Less energy efficiency IF the existing frame lacks efficient insulation

Replacement Window Full Frame Installation

A full-frame install is a process of removing the entire window including the window frame.  This type of window installation can be the only option in some cases if the existing frame is rotting, not level, fire codes require the opening to be larger, or if the homeowner wants to change the shape or size of the window.  Other homeowners might choose this installation process, even if pocket replacement is an option because they want to increase energy efficiency or they want to reduce air leakage.

Pros and cons of Full Frame Install

Pros Cons
Water protection Increased expenses
Customization Longer installation process
Increased natural light
Upgrade options

Full Frame Install or Pocket Install?

An experienced Madison replacement window contractor will review your home’s existing window frames and analyze your needs to help you decide the best replacement window install option for you and your home.  The window experts at AHT Wisconsin Windows can answer all your questions on full-frame or pocket installs.  Call 888-874-9339 for a free in-home estimate to learn more.