Many Madison homeowners have already heard of vinyl replacement windows but you might not have heard of composite frame replacement windows.  If you have not heard of vinyl windows then you should know that vinyl window frames are usually made of polyvinyl chloride containing ultraviolet light stabilizers.  The quality of a vinyl replacement window varies between Madison window companies because of the different compounds that window companies use.

One of the main advantages Madison homeowners like about vinyl replacement windows is the lower cost and the very little required maintenance.  Although, even though there is very little maintenance, come Madison homeowners complain about warping, fading, yellowing, and cracking over time.  Some of this wear and tear can be caused by vinyl’s very high coefficient of thermal expansion.  The expansion and contraction caused by the weather in Madison can lead to loosened seals, cracks, and a loss of energy efficiency.

Composite Replacement Windows

Composite replacement windows are the latest technology in windows.  There are two basic types of replacement windows:

  • Wood composites – Chemically bonded blends of wood and plastic resins resulting in a “wood-like” frame that requires much less maintenance than an actual wood frame.
  • Resin/polymer – A combination of resin, chemical additives, and modifiers that results in superior durability and energy efficiency.  Some composite window frames can be as much as 60% more energy-efficient than wood and up to 200% more energy-efficient than vinyl.

If you are in the market for a Madison replacement window company then do some time to also learn more about the differences between vinyl, wood, and composite replacement windows so that you invest in the windows that are best for your home.