There are so many different options when it comes to installing a replacement window.  Here are just a few to help you start your replacement window journey:

Interior Replacement Window Options

Madison, WI is a trendsetting city in Wisconsin so having options that appeal to both the inside and the outside of the home is important.  Low maintenance materials that can handle changes in Wisconsin temperatures is also important!  AHT Wisconsin Windows offers interior options that are white and in 3 wood laminate colors: Winchester, Melrose Cherry, and Dark Oak.  These options will go with any Madison, WI homeowners interior decor!

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Exterior Replacement Window Options

Just like the inside of a Madison, WI home, the outside is also important because it is the first impression visitors have when visiting the home.  AHT Wisconsin Windows offers exterior options that are environmentally safe and durable.  Here are some of our color options (we also offer custom colors if you don’t see the color you are looking for):

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Replacement Window Hardware

Hardware is so important because it’s what we see every time we open and close our windows.  Here are different hardware options to help you choose the best hardware for your home.

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Replacement Window Grids

A replacement window grid is the decorative grid pattern that you might see inside the windows.  Our grids are made with aluminum bars sealed in the insulation airspace between three panes of glass.  You might think that the only options to choose from are how the aluminum bars are laid out inside of the window but did you know that there are different bar shapes?  Here are 4 different options we offer at AHT Wisconsin Windows:

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As we mentioned, there are different grid patterns available, here are a few different grid pattern options:

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Specialty Glass for Replacement Windows

At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we offer different textured glass options to provide a small level of privacy for spaces like bathrooms or offices.  Having textured glass allows homeowners to not need curtains in some areas so that homeowners can still allow natural light into the home without sacrificing privacy.

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Replacement Window Screens

The final option for Madison, WI homeowners that will be discussed in this blog, is the choice between two different screens.  Screens are important for keeping out pesky Wisconsin insects, like our least favorite, the MOSQUITO(!) while still giving us a full view of the beautiful Wisconsin scenery.  AHT Wisconsin Windows gives homeowners the option to upgrade to ThruVision Plus which is an improved visibility screen.  This screen truly makes a difference to almost be invisible so you see your beautiful view in high-definition.  But we don’t need to keep talking about the difference, check it out in this side by side image:

There are many options we give Madison homeowners to choose from so that they invest in the best replacement windows for their home.  If you want to know more about the different replacement window options available, call 888-874-9339 for a free in-home consultation.