Believe it or not, replacement window companies would love it if Madison homeowners would be more present for in-home estimates for their replacement windows. Why? Even though in-home estimates are not a complicated process, it is an educational process with a lot of information to absorb. It protects you to know, especially if you have questions right on hand, while it allows us to make sure that we are not missing anything important that would impact the home improvement project. Read more in-depth about why replacement window companies prefer you to be present for in-home estimates.

Importance of Being Present for In-Home Estimates

  • The amount of details – there are more than fifty different variations of windows, upgrades, and styles! While we may recommend the styles that best suit your home, overall, you are the homeowner and you make the final decision. If you are not present, you may miss out on the various options available to you. Additionally, it saves us extra time to have to explain again why certain options and upgrades are much more preferred.
  • An expensive investment – By the time you opt for a Madison replacement window company, we assume you have already built a modicum of trust and respect for each other in order for the home project to proceed. A replacement window project is an expensive project and, when custom-made and made-to-order, it is usually non-refundable. This is a large and important detail that you cannot miss.
  • Questions and comments – while present at an in-home estimate, that moment is when we appreciate any questions or concerns that you may have before installation. Think of your feedback as a collaboration with your replacement window company. Have a spouse or next important person to come with you, as they may see a perspective you may not even think about!

These three points are important to consider as a Madison homeowner opting for a replacement window project for in-home estimates. If you have questions, reach out to AHT Wisconsin Windows, a Madison window company, so that we can help you better understand our intentions, information on replacement windows, and how we can best help you. Call 888-874-9339 if you are in need of a Madison window company or surrounding areas.