Casement replacement windows are hinged at the side and open using a crank or lever typically located at the bottom of the window frame. Most casement windows open a full 90 degrees and the classic style works well with any architectural design.

If you’re considering a casement window for your replacement window project, review the top 4 advantages below:

  1. Energy Efficiency

A casement window is the most energy-efficient window style because when the window is closed, the sash presses against the frame creating an airtight seal. Only a fixed frame stationary window is more energy efficient.

  1. Security

Casement windows are difficult to force open from the outside of your home because the crank mechanism is located inside your home.

  1. Vibrant Views

With a full pane of glass, casement windows provide a full view of nature, without any visual interruption that are noticeable with slider or double-hung windows.

  1. Exceptional Ventilation

With a hinged design, casement windows can open a full 90 degrees allowing for exceptional ventilation.

When looking at casement replacement windows, keep in mind, not all casement windows are created equal.

Some features of AHT Wisconsin Windows casement windows that are different than other replacement windows are:

  • Dual arm opening mechanism

A dual arm opening mechanism reduces tension on the crank during operation and provides ease of use by reducing the stripping of gears. If you’ve ever struggled opening or closing a casement window, chances are, the window didn’t have this feature!

  • 3 seals vs. the industry standard double seal

All 3 seals are constructed in a stair step approach providing individual sealing capabilities which reduce drafts in your home.

  • Low profile interior screen

This maximizes the view of the glass allowing you to fully see through to the outside.

  • 1 locking mechanism to control 5 locks

Not only do our casement replacement windows have 5 locks, but they are easily controlled by 1 locking mechanism. No more trying each lock position until all lock mechanisms are locked or unlocked.

  • Durability

All AHT Wisconsin Windows, regardless of style, have a solid core composite frame. This material is 400% stronger than traditional vinyl windows and is built to withstand Wisconsin’s temperatures.

  • Warranty

We know purchasing replacement windows or doors is an investment you only want to make one time. That’s why AHT Wisconsin Windows has a full 50-year non-prorated warranty covering workmanship and products, and it’s fully transferable if you sell your home.  Ask your sales consultant to tell you more about our warranty at your in-home consultation.

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